Now Accepting New Horses for Training

Our training program includes everything from colt-starting to showing finished horses.

Our training philosophy is simple. Every horse has the ability to be great at something. Our goal is to make each horse the best they can be no matter what they do, while maintaining mental confidence and physical soundness.

Which is why how you start your colt is so important. First impressions last a lifetime and how a colt is started defines him for the rest of his life. That's where Kevin's background working with visionaries including Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt forms such a strong foundation for his training program.

Yep, our training approach works!

Yep, our training approach works!

For horses who show, we believe that the Futurities are simply the beginning of their careers. We want each of our horses to continue to show successfully into their senior years. Which is why fairness is so important. When young horses are trained in a fair, consistent way they maintain their soundness and confident outlook.

We train a wide range of horses, from cow horses and reiners, to ropers and barrel horses to mounted shooting, team penning and sorting horses. We use the demands of the cow horse discipline for initial training and to test a horse for its strengths and weaknesses. Then we match the horse's strengths to the best sport for its continued success.

Training is available at our Camp Verde facility. We'll work out a schedule a time frame that works best for you and your horse.

Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to make your horse a Champion.