Kevin's passion for horse began during his youth in Idaho. He and his dad would go to a local sale and buy a horse for $12. Kevin would ride the horse all summer and then sell it in the fall to make spending money. He also rode colts for his neighbors. In his early teens, Kevin began working for large ranchers in Idaho & Montana. He rode the rough strings, took care of cattle, branded and generally lived the cowboy life.

It was on a large ranch at a very young age that Kevin first met Ray Hunt, the master himself.  Kevin went to work for Ray and continued to build his strong horsemanship foundation under his guidance.  Ray introduced Kevin to Tom Dorrance, another legend. Kevin spent as much time as he could with both of them through his youth and into his early training years. Which is why when Kevin trains, you hear their voices in his words and see their actions in his training. 

Kevin worked for large ranchers until the late 1970's, when he began his own training business.  He's trained champion reiners, cutters, ranch riding and cow horses. 

Kevin continues to work with some of the leading horse trainers in the nation.